6:00PM AZ Serbs Soccer Kids Practice

7:00PM Gavrilo Princip Folklore Group Practice



6:00PM Vespers Service



10:00AM Divine Liturgy
11:30AM Church School Program

12:00PM Luncheon
12:15PM Serbian School

12:30PM SSS Stevan Hristich Choir Practice



St. Sava Parish Slava Celebration


SAVE THE DATE!!! Sunday, January 26, 2014 - Divine Liturgy 10:00AM followed by festive Slava Banquet and Children's Program. 2014 Honored Kumovi Dr and Mrs Milutin and Beba Drakulovic along with their children, Simona and Aleksandar. More details to follow!

St. Sava 1000 lb. Challenge

“We should have a St. Sava 1000 lb Challenge,” at first sounded like one of those witty statements that we are so used to hear from our Church Executive Board President, Dusan Lazarevic. Then we saw how serious he was and we all agreed.  Our challenge will start at the Beginning of Advent (Christmas Fast) November 28, 2013, and end on our Orthodox Pascha (Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ) April 20, 2014.

Each person desiring to take part in the Challenge will set a goal of how many pounds he/she will lose during this time. Your goal will be recorded only by our Executive Board President or person designated by him. Our collective goal for our congregation is 1000 lbs.  Each person will weigh himself/herself and record the weight at the beginning and the end of the challenge. All participants will disclose if their goal was met to the designated person. You can pick up a form at the Tutor's Stand in Church.

Losing weight is not an easy task. Very often people desiring to lose weight get easily discouraged. This is especially important in our culture where we have so many Slavas and other celebrations to attend. Therefore support and encouragement of caring persons is so valuable.  If you would like to give support to your loved one losing weight you can match (his/her) each pound lost with a monetary donation to our Church. For instance N.N. has pledged to lose 20 lb., a friend then pledges to donate at the end of the challenge $1 for every pound N.N. loses on his/her behalf.

We strongly discourage all those who do not need to lose weight to take part in this Challenge. This is especially directed toward those for whom losing weight will be detrimental to their health. Children and young adults to 21 must consult your parents for approval to be able to participate. Everyone is asked to please seek your doctor’s advice prior to and during the challenge.


Pledged money will be donated to St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church at the end of the Challenge to be used for the purchase of an item at the discretion of the St. Sava Executive Church Board. Thank you!

SerbFest PHOENIX 2014


Saturday, November 1 - Sunday, November 2, 2013

Visit our OFFICIAL SerbFest Phoenix website at!

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