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Circle of Serbian Sisters

(Коло Српских Сестара)


As their name might suggest, the work of the Circle of Serbian Sisters - Kolo Srpski Sestara - flows much like the unending shape of a circle. Whether in the old country, the United States, or anywhere else in the world, the chapters of the women’s association work tirelessly in service to their parish communities.


Our local Circle of Serbian Sisters, organized in 1962, is one of the pillars of our church community. Their tireless fund-raising efforts have helped preserve our beautiful church and grounds. Their shining examples of volunteering and devotion to the church help preserve our traditions and encourages us all to do what we can to be better Serbian Orthodox Christians.  Their Annual Patronal Feast Day is the Birth of the Most Holy Theotokos, September 20th. Honored 2014 Kolo Sestara Slava Kuma was Mrs. Anka Markovic.


For more information, or to join the St. Sava Kolo Sisters please contact Mrs. Marti Kasovac, Kolo President.  All parish women are encouraged and welcome to join us!  We extend a special welcome to those who live in Arizona only part of the year, but are dues paying Kolo members in another parish to also join us - your membership will be honored here and we would love to hear your ideas!  Regular Monthly Kolo Sister Meetings are the third Sunday of the month following Divine Liturgy. Please try to attend. If you are not a Kolo member please consider joining us!  All parish women are welcome! Thank you!